Planet with 4 parent stars discovered

Scientists discovered a planet with 4 parent stars. The discovery was made by a team from the university of Hawaii

The planet, called Ari 30, located at a distance of 136 light years from Earth (in the constellation Aries)

It was already known that the planet had 3 parent stars but recently it was determined that there was a fourth star in play. The planet itself is enormous in size and has a mas approximately 10 times that of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

 Artists impression of Ari 30

Artists impression of Ari 30

The recently discovered fourth star stands at a distance from the planet 23 times the distance between the sun and the Earth and does not appear to have impact on the orbit of the planet.

It is the second time ever that a planet with 4 stars has been discovered. Celestial bodies with two or three stars are actually quite common in our galaxy. With this recent discovery scientists now expect to also trace more planets with four stars in the future.

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