Now that E3 is over and the dust has settled, what can fans of sci-fi games look forward to?

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According to social media influences who have seen the behind doors footage Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be ridicilously awesome - Image Credit: CD Projekt Red via

There are a lot of games to look forward to if you are a sci-fi gaming fan. In this year’s E3 conferences, we have seen a lot of new promising titles that will be released in the next two years. To make it easy for you to keep track of these titles, we’ve round up every sci-fi title shown on this year’s E3. We have put them together for you down below by conference


Anthem is a 4-player coop adventure by Bioware where you, equipped in Javelin exosuits, fight for survival in the unfinished world powered by the Anthem.  C&C Rivals is a free-to-play online only tactical mobile game that features fast-paced gameplay, with C&C universe flavouring. EA Announced a couple of updates for its online shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2, featuring a new map, new heroes and a Clone Wars season.


Microsoft started off with the latest installment of the Halo franchise: Halo Infinite. The ring shaped planet, filled with wildlife, is yours to explore. Fallout 76 is revealed by Bethesda’s Todd Howard, which we will discuss later on in this article. Crackdown 3 is a pure sci-fi over the top shooter, showing the future of crime fighting can be even more exciting when it’s voiced by the energetic Terry Crews. Next up is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, which we will discuss later on. Dying Light brings a future setting adventure together with survival horror aspects during nighttime. Also shown is the new trailer for Just Cause 4. Now featuring destructive forces of nature like sandstorms and tornadoes, so you aren’t the only one destroying the landscape. Gears of War 5 is the next chapter in the GoW franchise, showing familiar faces and a frozen logo. Last but definitely not least is the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. This first person shooter set in the a futuristic dystopian Night City, California is made by the makers of the critically acclaimed Witcher series (CD Projekt Red). If the game turns out to be even remotely as good as Witcher 3 it will be an absolute stunner.

Fallout 76 certainly catches some eyes. The proposed multiplayer aspect is interesting as the developers are intending to make encounters with other players rare and special - Image Credit: Bethesta Softworks via Youtube


Ubisoft started by announcing Beyond Good and Evil 2, the successor of the original game that was released back in 2003. In Starlink battle for Atlas you try to save the galaxy from destruction. This game features upgradable spaceships (digitally or through modular toys) and the Switch version of the game includes the appearance of Fox McCloud of  the StarFox franchise.


A new trailer of Death Stranding was shown, but still does not fully explain what this game is all about. Nonetheless it seems to have some very interesting sci-fi aspects (as we have come to expect from mister Hideao Kojima, the game director of this titel) and the game looks stunning. One gameplay aspect has become clear however, it will give you a good scare now and then. 


Bethesda opened the conference with the high octane fueled Rage 2. The angry protagonist, the explosion filled world and the powerful guitar heavy soundtrack will make your adrenaline flow. Speaking of a powerful soundtrack, DOOM Eternal is back for more awesome demon ass-kicking. Quake champions is an online shooter, fit for eSports and offers close quarter combat in a fast paced setting and includes characters like Doom Slayer and Wolfenstein’s B.J. Blazkowicz.

Prey: Mooncrash is the latest DLC which takes you to a moon base that lost communications. It’s up to you to find out it’s secrets. This game also features another add on to the game, called Prey: Typhon Hunter. Coming later this summer, this 5v1 multiplayer hide and seek Mimic hunter will also be VR compatible. Wolfenstein YOUNGBLOOD takes us to the Nazi occupied 1980s and tells the story of B.J. Blazkowicz’s twin daughters, continuing the fight against the high tech occupants like their dad. And then there’s Fallout 76. Although for some it comes as a disappointment that this game is a multiplayer online title, it comes with some promising features like the biggest map ever created for Fallout and nuclear missile site that you and your friends can use to wipe out other players villages. There’s not much to say about Starfield, other than it’s a new franchise for Bethesda in the RPG genre set in space. Right up our alley.


The last conference to feature Sci-Fi games is the PC Gaming Show. First off is the Factorio inspired space factory builder/manager called Satisfactory. Build and run a factory in space to complete company milestones. Are you into narrative games? Neo Cab is a emotional survival game set in an AI- driven world where Lina is one of the last human rideshare drivers. Star Control Origins is a action/adventure game that takes place in a procedurally-generated galaxy, where you are the captain of Earth’s first interstellar-capable ship. It will be released on PC and later on consoles. Warframe has a new update called The Sacrifice, a main quest that follows the Operator in their search for the Lotus, who has been taken by Ballas for unknown reasons. The update features a new Warframe called Excalibur Umbra  and will be available with update 23.0.

As big fans of the real time strategy survival genre we especially look forward to the spiritual succesor of factorio, satisfactory - Image Credit: Coffee Stain via Youtube

Think you can do better than Doctor John Parker Hammond? Test your theme park managing skill in Jurrassic World Evolution. Build a beautiful park with dinosaurs of high intelligence. What could possibly go wrong… Do you own a VR headset, or are you looking for a reason to buy one? Stormland is a VR action adventure where you play as a robot in a world overtaken by hostile androids. Your goal is to find friendly robots and rid your planet of these intruders. It’s set to release somewhere next year. Another unconventional title is Sable. This adventures exploration game has its own distinct art style and features a wide open world for you to explore. It will be released in 2019 on PC. The latest trailer for Star Citizen commemorates the upcoming launch of the 3.2 alpha build. This multiplayer space trading/combat game is in development for 7 years, but the new build may give hope to a release date within the next few years. The last game in our Sci-Fi roundup is Genesis Alpha one. Calling itself a mix of rouguelike shooter, base building and survival, the game lets you fight alien infestations, clone creatures, farm resources and explore a randomly generated universe. The game is set to launch this September on Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Look out for updates and reviews of these and other games on the website. What do you think of the mentioned games? Did we forget a title that fits the Sci-Fi genre? Let us know in the comments below.

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