Alien microbes could contaminate Earth: what to do in case of a planetary biosecurity threat?

In an effort to outline the hazards of intensifying space exploration scientists wrote a paper about a particular risk that hasn't yet been talked about a lot, namely invasion.

Air pollution can impact brain circuitry and raise the risk of depression for some healthy people

Research shows that the combination of exposure to high-PM air pollution and genetic susceptibility can substantially increase the risk of encountering depression for healthy people.

New evidence in support of using deep brain stimulation to treat depression

New research shows further evidence for the impressive workings of deep brain stimulation on patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression.

This unassuming mustard plant can cut aircraft emissions by more than half

In a quest to replace conventional petroleum-based aircraft fuel, scientists took a closer look at a sustainable aviation fuel based on oil derived from a non-edible mustard plant.

Research suggests that rye is a better option than wheat if you aim to lose weight

In the most extensive study to date on the impact of different grain types on body weight, researchers determined that consuming rye over refined wheat comes with several health and weight-loss advantages